Hi friends! I’m Rebecca… whole food, nature, culture, music, art, and sunshine lover! I currently live in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington with my husband of 13 years (and counting), my three children, and our family dog, a Weimaraner.

Wedding Day!

ARTFUL PALATE is my virtual space to document and share my biggest passions in life—mainly the art of whole-food living! I originally started documenting my original recipes for family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. However, after years of being asked to share my recipes and studied knowledge of health, wellness, and nutrition, I am thrilled to make my whole food passions public for all of you to enjoy, too.


Yes, I know, there are a gazillion foodie sites out there. I’ve been happily perusing them for years myself.  My favorite part is gleaning from all the different styles of cooking and cultures from around the world, as well as the constantly evolving industry of nutrition itself. Really, when it comes to food sites—like most social areas of my life—I say: The more the merrier!   You will see in my cooking however, that I load up on vegetables, healthy proteins, and whole foods. I go minimal on any refined sugar and also low on gluten or less healthy grains, with some exceptions. I shop organic and locally sourced whenever possible and optimize my plates with color and nutrition!



More about myself and my background:

I absolutely love gatherings of people—any reason for a celebration or a party—with lots of laughter, wine, and food. I love that food is something that can bring people together from any age, background, or walk of life!


My passion for food came to me at a young age. Growing up, I was the oldest of six kids, and money was often tight for our big family. So we consumed lots of brown rice and overnight-soaked cooked beans. But, once in awhile, my dad would bring home an exotic fruit or some specialty item from the Asian market, and food became something totally different-an experience! I really learned to appreciate and discuss different flavor profiles as my parents embraced cuisines from around the world and shared them with us. Fermenting foods and culturing them in jars on the kitchen countertop was common in our house long before it became popular.

I went off to study visual arts at the University of
Washington, and I later enjoyed selling my privately commissioned paintings while living in the Huntington Beach community of Southern California.

Balboa Island Art Walk

I loved participating in community art walks throughout Orange County.  My favorite art events have always been those that include wine and bites, of course!

I am a self-taught home cook. I love that, through my presentation of foods and photography, I can use my artful skills.

Being a mom of three kids, I realize the importance of nourishing their bodies and minds with real, whole foods from the earth. I want to instill in them an appreciation for food that has been unaltered, unprocessed, and tastes like it’s supposed to—leaving room for tasty indulgences! I have learned that cooking at home is much more economical and convenient when you have a family. Nearly all of my recipes are super-simple, even for the amateur cook. They are also quick to prepare. Life is waaaay too busy to spend hours on end hovered over a stove or kitchen countertop!  I would much rather be enjoying the food on my plate with those I love.

I have been married to my Southern-California-born, surf-and-sports-loving, fitness- expert husband since 2005. We met in a bar. Yes, it’s one of those he-spotted-me-from-across-the-room stories (or so his version goes). The rest, well, that’s history. We’re both fire signs, so it’s been an adventurous, wild, and usually exciting journey! Opposites do attract and it’s proof that God knew we could complement each other in life and in our skills. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive, encouraging, and giving husband.

Scott has spent over two decades in the health and fitness industry. He started in physical therapy, then transitioned to owning his own gym. Currently, he runs a fitness program at a large Seattle-based independent facility. I have had the pleasure of witnessing him be a part of transforming people’s bodies and lives through fitness. His knowledge of the human body, health, wellness, and fitness has helped to fuel my passion for sharing the importance of nutritious food. We’ve grown together in our faith through the course of our relationship, and we realize God has designed each of us for a unique purpose. To live up to our full potential, we recognize the need to take care of our human body to the extent that we are able.

All of my recipes have been taste-tested (usually multiple times with different variations), but I always love to hear feedback on my dishes—including your favorite alterations and ideas. I know some appliances, ingredient brands, and even personal tastes can change a dish’s outcome, so please share your stories with me. My goal in this endeavor is to help teach others what I have learned about the art of whole-food living, continue to learn—and also to love living a whole-food life!

~ Rebecca Jansen