Welcome to Artful Palate. This is my place to share my passion, the art of whole food living, with all of you. What you will find here are my favorite, original recipes, that I aim to make simple and quick to prepare, incredibly delicious, and as nutritious as I can.

I grew up in Seattle Washington. I am one of 6 children. My mom and dad cooked simply and economically but in a health-minded manner.

I grew up loving art and the aesthetics of color and design, so pursued a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Washington. I found that creating colorful and appealing plates was a perfect avenue for my skills combined with my passion for food. I love gleaning from other cultures around the world and all the endless cooking styles out there. As a self-trained chef, I perfected my flavors to match the beautiful plates I liked to create.
When I became of mom of 3 kids, that pursuit for creating healthy and flavorful dishes the whole family could enjoy, only grew.

Meanwhile, my husband, Scott Jansen, a Southern California native, has been in the fitness industry his entire career, coaching individuals on best health practices and achieving optimal body compositions. Our callings have collided as we both love people and have the desire to help them achieve best health. His focus is movement. Mine is food. Our co-owned company, Fast Eat Live, works to coach people on a science and history-based system of nutrition to achieve optimal health, including body composition, and complete wellness.

Check out that page if you have specific goals. https://fasteatlive.com

You will see notations on my recipes for our Fast Eat Live members which categorize them to our system. For the rest of you, you can be assured that every recipe is tried and true. These dishes are suited to fit every taste bud out there. My goal is to teach everyone how to prepare foods simply and for optimal health.

I love interacting with you all, so contact me with questions and comments.