Pineapple?next to banana, is the most popular tropical fruit in the world. It’s no wonder; it’s sweet, juicy, and one cup is only 82 calories! Not only that, but like most fruits and veggies, it has an abundance of health benefits! Pineapple is unique in that it contains an enzyme Bromelain, which helps inflammation and tumor growth (so cancer prevention and arthritis reduction) and also blood clot reduction. If you’re a frequent flier or at risk for blood clots, add more pineapple to your diet. Bromelain also helps with digestion in breaking down protein.
The fruit also contains half the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, immune boosting and fighting against cell damage, contains high amounts of maganese, important for fighting osteoporosis and can also reduce the risk of macular degeneration, so also great for eye health! Make salsas, smoothies, add to fruit salads, top yogurt, or even make sauces for pork, chicken or fish! You can search this site for some of my favorite pineapple recipes. Pick a pineapple that is heavy for its size, mostly firm, with a little give when you squeeze it. Check for a sweet smell through the rind and a fresh look with green leaves.