For those who love hard-boiled eggs, but don’t enjoy the labor of peeling them, you’re gonna thank me for this!  You can lessen the cooking time if you like a soft egg yolk, like a traditional poached egg, but with these firm yolks, they make easy high-protein snacks!  I package these up for my kids’ lunches or to take on-the-go during the days I want a high protein snack.  Seriously, not even 1/2 gm carbohydrate per egg bite!  I also kicked these up with some delectable herbs, salt and pepper, and a bit of chopped ham on the top for flavor!  No extra salt or pepper needed when you eat them. This is as simple as it gets in an Instant pot!  You will need a silicone cooking mold  that fits in an instant pot.


  • 7 eggs
  • Cooking spray (look for an avocado oil, olive oil, or coconut oil based spay, which are non-inflammatory oils). Avocado Oil Cooking Spray
  • 1-2 thin slices ham
  • 1 tablespoon parmesan cheese (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 teaspoon mix of your favorite herbs (ie. basil, oregano, parsley)


  1. Spray the mold with cooking spray really well. I prefer an avocado oil, olive oil, or coconut oil based spay.
  2. Crack open one egg to fill each of the seven cups
  3. Sprinkle with ham, parmesan, salt, pepper, and herbs. Cover mold with foil.
  4. Add one cup of water to the instant pot. Then place trivet inside. Next place your filled mold on the trivet.
  5. Bring to high pressure.  Cook for about 6 minutes.  (As little as 3 minutes for a runny yolk or your time choice in-between. You can always add more time if needed.  You may have to make this more than once to see what your preferred yolk texture is.
  6. Let pressure release naturally for 2 min. Then quick release it.   [/directions]
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