I’m always on the lookout for fantastic products to feature on my page for our clients and my readers.  This here is some good stuff (and I am a granola connoisseur)!  For those following along this page as Fast.Eat.Live. Journey participants, you know that part of our program includes a few days a week of very low-carb foods to promote health and proven weight loss. This crunchy snack here fits the bill.  It’s soooo good!  The best part is, it contains only 4 grams net carbs/serving.  It is made with simple superfood ingredients: coconut, almond, carrot, prune, and himalayan sea salt.  One variety is sweetened; the other is lightly sweetened with monk fruit. I like it enjoy it topped on plain Greek yogurt (as pictured) or mixed with nuts for a homemade high protein on-the-go trail mix.  Keep a look out for more recipes to come using this granola here on this site.

This product is approved by our Fast.Eat.Live. program!  It is also vegan and paleo friendly.  

Product now available through my SHOP section  https://artfulpalate.com/product/nutola/

If you would like to learn more about the Fast.Eat.Live. nutrition program founded by my husband, Scott Jansen, and why we promote foods such as this one, refer to www.fasteatlive.com  for more information or contact me here.