Check out my Sea Salt Nut Butter Chocolates recipe, it’s #7 of 41, featured on the Shari’s Berries

“There’s really no better combination than nut butter and dark chocolate, which is why these sea salt nut butter chocolates from Artful Palate always do the trick! Any chocolate lover’s dream, the flavors come together to create a salty, sweet, bite-size treat!”

I love perusing other food blogs and this one is loaded with good ideas. We love this website for fun and festive little summer treat recipes.

Thank you Shari’s Berries!  Looks like we have 40 more bite-sized desserts we need to make!

These little morsels are super simple to make and way better than the store-bought, processed version. Use real nut butter for healthy fats and high-quality vegan protein and antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.  Full recipe and nutrition facts right here under “desserts”.